2 Maple Leaves - Shaped Beeswax Candles

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The leaves are falling, the cool crisp fall air is rolling through your window, and you are snuggled inside a warm blanket, sipping hot cocoa. But one thing is missing, and that is our Maple Leaf Beeswax candles, sprucing up your already perfect fall experience. While fall may not last long enough, our Maple Leaf shaped candles will last longer with your favorite holiday decor! Buy these to make as a perfect just-because gift for your loved ones. They will not be disappointed.

While overlooking the crisp fall scenery, do not overlook our Maple Leaf shaped beeswax candles!

We are proudly working with ethical bee farms and use only sustainably-sourced beeswax that is filtered using a chemical-free filtration system which leaves the beeswax with its naturally sweet, honey-like aroma, and beautiful yellow coloring.

These Maple Candles were hand crafted by our small team right here in St. Petersburg, FL, in the great United States of America.

Each set will come with 2 Pure Beeswax Maple Leaf candles.

Dimensions are approximately:
3.25" long
2.5" wide
1.25" tall

These Maple Candles were Made in USA

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