Bulk 10 Pound of Sand for Incense Burners, Decor, and more

$49.99 USD

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This is for the 10 Pound Bulk size of our Sands. For smaller, 1 Pound, bags please click here.

Fill your incense vessel with 1-2" of this sand and your beautiful pot, and home will be protected from the heat of your incense.

Also great for zen gardens, bottle art, and more.

This sand will help protect burner vessels such as abalone shells, bowls made from brass, stone, or ceramic, and even trays. Perfect for any type of incense! Use with incense sticks, charcoal tablets, cones, and more! If you need to diffuse your incense sticks early, the sand is perfect for safely smothering the flame.

For these 10 Pound Bulk Colors Choose From:
Black, White, Beige

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