Hand-carved Wooden Tripod Stand

$6.49 USD

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These unique tripods stand is intricately carved from wood to have interlocking pieces and features a "cobra" head design that is perfect for holding abalone shells, crystal balls, and more!

Each stand is handmade and unique in appearance. 

Choose From:

  • 4-inch Natural
  • 4-inch Stained
  • 6-inch Natural
  • 6-inch Stained
  • 8-inch Stained
  • 8-inch Natural

4 Inch size is good for - miniature abalone shells, 4" width or just below 5"

6 Inch size is good for - small to large abalone shells, 5" to 6.5" in size

8 Inch size is good for - extra large abalone shells, 7" or larger in size.

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