Cleansing White Sage Soy Candles - Pack of 3, 4 Ounce Candles

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WELCOME POSITIVE VIBES with Alternative Imagination's Cleansing White Sage Candle. Mark your intention on the candle, light the wick, breathe deep, and relax as you clear away stagnant energies.

This soy candle has been infused with 100% White Sage essential oil and is a must have in your smudge kit or new home essential items. Burning incense candles is a wonderful alternative to burning herbs for folks who find the smoke a little harsh or hydrosol sprays not potent enough.

Spiritual cleansing with white sage is an ancient practice of purifying a space, person, or object to allow for a deeper, clearer connection and to start anew. Setting your intentions is an important part of the ritual. Decide what you need in this moment: calm, relief, clarity. Light the candle and let the earthy, herby aroma of white sage chase negative worries away.

Cleanse and purify a new home or office, clear your mind before meditation or yoga, or help relieve stress before an important event. Whether daily, weekly, or beyond, you can burn this candle as much as you need.

We meticulously handcraft our soy candles in house, which gives us the control we need to produce quality natural products! Poured in small batches, we use USA-grown 100% natural soy wax and 100% pure White Sage Essential Oil derived from ethically and sustainably sourced white sage.

Burning instructions:
Trim the cotton wick to 1/4" and carefully light.
Let the candle burn for at least 3 hours, to ensure an even burn.
Carefully extinguish the candle when done and let cool at room temperature.
Due to the nature of essential oil soy candles, it is not unusual for the top of the candle to look rough after cooling.

CAUTION: The tin can become hot while the candle is burning.

Always practice good fire safety habits and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Pack of 3 candles. Each candle is 4 ounces.

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