Replacement Filters for Reusable Silicone Mask

Filter Composition:

Outer Layer: Spun bond non-woven fabric, anti-foam design
Middle Layer: Melt blown cloth, with the function of filtering fine particles
Inner Layer: Spun bond non-woven fabric, with moisture absorption

To Use Filters:

1: Wash silicone mask before using.
2: Remove inner brackets from silicone mask - only one is needed at a time.
3: Insert filter into the mask. 
4: Insert bracket on top of filter.

Place the mask on your face, and gently adjust ear loops for secure fit.

For use in ordinary/daily environment. 

How to Use


For users with respiratory disease, such as asthma or emphysema, if after wearing mask you are feeling uncomfortable, experiencing shortness of breath or dizziness, remove the mask immediately.

This is not an oxygen-producing product, and should not be used in place of one (e.g. NOT for use with CPAP). 

Not for use as a respirator in environment with toxic gas or steam. Not for use underwater. Not for protection against smoke inhalation. 


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How to Use