Incense Bundle Sampler


Alternative Imagination's Incense Sampler is a great way to discover new and wonderful fragrances that range from earthy to sweet.

Blue Sage. Blue sage has long, thin leaves, unlike White Sage's broad, flat leaves. It also has a less pungent aroma than White Sage but is used much in the same way. Burn blue sage to cleanse your home of negative energies, to protect the home, to aid in meditation or rituals/ceremonies, or to enjoy.

Cedar. The needles of the cedar tree are long, thin, and dark green in color. Cedar trees are found all over the world and is used by many cultures for construction, incense, rituals, and protection from insects or disease. Use your cedar smudge to cleanse your home and protect the home from unwanted spirits or negative energies.

Juniper. The needles of the Juniper plant are lighter green and more rounded. This is an evergreen plant found in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In Europe and Asia, planted juniper trees were used to ward of evil. Juniper bundles are burned before rituals and ceremonies to dispel evil, invite good, and to perfume the air.

Yerba Santa. The dried leaves of this holy plant are flat and dark green to brown. Yerba Santa is considered sacred by Native people and has been used for healing purposes, as well as purification of a home and incense. It has a sweet aroma when burned and is lighter in intensity.

Sweetgrass. The long, thing blades of grass lives up to its name with its sweet aroma. Sweetgrass can be found in northern regions of North America (and Europe) in areas where water is plentiful: marshes, wet meadows, the banks of streams, and more. It’s attractive aroma has led it to be used as a perfume and incense, pillow stuffing, and decoration. Burn sweetgrass to banish negative energies and attract good energies, to promote joy and healing, and to just enjoy the wonderful aroma. 


Burning Instructions: Hold the bundle at a 45 degree angle over an open flame, allowing it to catch fire or smolder. Allow it to burn for several seconds and then blow out the flames. You're now ready to use your smudge stick.


For more details about the act of cleansing, head over to our page about smudging with California White Sage.