Beeswax Wrap Sustainable Starter Kit

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Look no further than Alternative Imagination's Beeswax Wraps for your next all natural food storage must-have!

These plant based environmentally friendly products are perfect for sustainable living, zero waste lifestyles, and people-friendly products! And because all the materials are natural, the wraps are compostable and biodegradable once thoroughly used! Disposable plastic wrap, aluminum foil sheets, and silicone can be expensive, not sustainable, nor eco-friendly. Our beeswax wrap, however, is made with 100% organic cotton, sustainably sourced jojoba oil & pine resin, and all natural beeswax. 

We've also included a French Market Bag for you to carry home your produce or fresh baked bread!

When it is time to refresh your wrap, we've included 2 beeswax bars and instructions.

This Kit Includes
2 Medium Beeswax Wraps
2 Large Beeswax Wraps
2 All-Natural Beeswax Bars
1 French Market Bag

To Use 
New wraps can be a little stiff. Warm them in your hands before you stretch it over the item. That's it!

To Clean 
Use only cool water and mild soap, hang to dry. Do not expose the beeswax wrap to hot water or heat, as this can cause the wax to melt away.

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