Cold-pressed Soap Bar - Soft Bars for Everyday Use

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Made with natural ingredients and fragrant oils, your skin will feel clean and smell wonderful after each use.

As each batch is handmade, expect some variances in the color of the bars.

Apple Spice:
What goes great with chilly weather? The comforting aroma of seasonal spices! Our handcrafted Apple Spice soap with add that extra level of cozy to Autumn every time you use it.
Enjoy the tasty aroma of sweet apples with spicy, but soft, undertones of cinnamon, cloves, and pumpkin.

Shady Glen:
Walk through a shady glen and inhale the fresh air and earthy aromas of the woods.
Enjoy a relaxing deep musk aroma with hints of florals, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Lavender & Patchouli:
Lavender and Patchouli: the perfect pair! A heavenly duet of florals that can ease tension and relieve anxiety.
In addition to the aromas of patchouli and lavender, there are hints of florals and fruits. Contains real lavender buds.

Coffee Cream Scrub:
Utilizes real coffee grounds in order to help gently exfoliate your skin as you cleanse in this delicious coffee scented soap.

Pure Sage:
Handcrafted with natural ingredients and fragrant oils, your skin will feel clean and soft after each use. Aromas include sage and other leafy greens.

Apple Berry Pie:
A fruity blend of red and green apples.

Rose Petals:
Scented just enough to leave you feeling fresh but is not overpowering. These aromatic florals contain a musky undertone. Each batch is peppered with real rose petals.

3 Clay Cleanse:
A unique blend of Dead Sea, Rhassoul, and Moroccan clays, as well as shea butter and oils. It’s scent can be described as earthy and musky with some delicate amber notes.

Combo Pack Contains: 1 Apple Spice, 1 Shady Glen, 1 Lavender & Patchouli 

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