Home Cleansing Kit with Feather, Sage, Palo Santo, and Abalone Shell

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Let the beautifully polished abalone shell hold a smoldering smudge stick while you fan the smoke with a beautiful, dyed feather. 

White Sage and Palo Santo have been used for centuries by native people as a means of cleansing, and incense. Native Americans use sage in rituals or ceremonies of cleansing to purify and protect people or places of negative energies. Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, is found in Mexico down to South America, and is burned during rituals and ceremonies for incense, dispelling misfortune and bad spirits, and to promote healing.

A cleansing ceremony or ritual is very much attuned to the elements of nature and the spirit. The feather and smoke represent Air. The smudge sticks and ashes represent Earth. The embers of the smudge represent Fire. The abalone shell represents water. All this combines to cleanse and protect the spiritual nature of the body and of a place. It is a beautiful way to connect to the earth, oneself, and one’s home.

Alternative Imagination brand California White Sage is sustainably grown in the USA and package in the USA. Our Palo Santo is also sustainably sourced in South America and packaged here in the USA.

Kit Includes:
- 1 White & dyed black feather
- 1 Abalone Shell, approximately 5.5" long
- 1 California White Sage, medium-sized, approximately 6" long
- 2 Palo Santo sticks, approximately 4" long *may contained milled cut pieces 

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