Replacement Filters for Reusable Silicone Mask

$10.99 USD

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Multilayer filters made from melt-blown, non-woven fabrics reduce airborne particles such as saliva, pollutants, dust, and smog. Each filter is rated for at least 48 hours of continuous use.

Choose from:
* Pack of 10 Filters
* Pack of 100 filters (approximately a year's supply!)

Filter Composition:
Outer Layer: Spun bond non-woven fabric
Middle Layer: Melt blown cloth, filters fine particles
Inner Layer: Spun bond non-woven fabric, for extra moisture absorption

To Use Filters:
1. Wash silicone mask before using it.
2. Remove inner brackets from silicone mask - only one is needed at a time.
3. Insert filter into the mask.
4. Insert bracket on top of the filter.

Place the mask on your face, and gently adjust earloops for a secure fit.

For use in the ordinary/daily environment.

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